September 17, 2020

*A.I. Soccer Lecture Video

A.I. Soccer is newly adopted official game of 2020 IRO. A.I. soccer is one of the ‘AI World Cup’ events held by KAIST for the general public interested in AI technology.


This event is an online simulation-based soccer competition without hardware and is played by an AI soccer team learned through deep learning technology.


Young scientists are key figure for future AI technology. A.I. soccer will enable adolescent to access to A.I. technology easily As this is brand new game. IROC will distribute lecture video for guideline We ask for your continuous interest and participation!

February 16, 2020

Theme of IRO 2020 (Creativity Category and Robot in Movie)

Theme of IRO 2020 for Creativity category and Robot in Movie 

- Robot : The Future Transportation

Both theme for creativity category and Robot in Movie will be identical.

The revised rules for those categories are available now.

February 16, 2020

Main Theme of IRO 2020 is 'Robot : The Future Transportation

Main Theme of International Robot Olympiad 2020 will be 'Robot : The Future Transportation

Dear Creativity category and Robot in movie participants, Hope you enjoy this fantastic theme. 

We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful idea soon. :)

FYI, The registration for IRO 2020 may begin from August. We'll keep you informed.

Thank you!

December 26, 2019

The 21st International Robot Olympiad 2019 has successfully finished with 14 countries!!

​IROC HQ, ​we are very pleased to announce that The 21st International Robot Olympiad 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand was successfully held during 15th to 20th December. Over 1700 students from 14 countries had participated in IRO 2019 and enjoyed IRO days. Please click the button below or here to read IRO 2019 official report. You can see all pictures of IRO 2019 in the gallery menu as well. 

Any one interested in IRO 2020 which will be held in Daegu city, South Korea, please contact IROC HQ(join.iro.korea@gmail.com).  


November 04, 2019

[IRO 2019] Daily schedule for IRO 2019 has slightly changed!

Because of some reason, daily schedule for IRO 2019 has slightly changed as below.

Please be aware of this change. 

October 15, 2019

[IRO 2019] One day tour program during IRO 2019

Thailand organizing committee is preparing the one day tour program during our competition days. Please find the attached file and register the tour in advance if you are interested. Tour can be canceled if less than 10 people are gathered for the day. If you cancel your tour after confirmation, some deposit might be charged. It will be only allowed to register in advance, because of some reasons.

Please find the attached file of daily tour types carefully and then visit the One day tour registration page in order to register a daily tour; Click Here. Thanks,

October 06, 2019

The 1st International Robot Donghae Challenge 2019 Official Report

IROC HQ, ​we are very pleased to announce that The 1st International Robot Donghae Challenge 2019 in South Korea was successfully held during September and October. Over 200 students from 5 countries(South Korea, Bangladesh, Romania, Uzbekistan, Thailand) participated in IRDC.

Please click here to see the details.

You can see the pictures of IRDC by clicking the button below as well. 

Any one interested in IRDC 2020, please contact IROC HQ(join.iro.korea@gmail.com). 


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