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1. Should a participant bring their own laptops and robots?

  -> Yes, they have to bring their own laptops and robots for the competition. 


2. What kind of robots can I bring?

  -> It depends on the each of games. Specifically, You'd better check the latest rules for each game.


3. Can I bring 2 or more robots just in case?

  -> If you participate a game which you use a pre-built robots, you can bring your spare robots. But Both main and your spare robots should be confirmed by referee before match. If you want to use spare robot, you should tell the referee before the match starts.


4. Where is the venue for Next IRO?

  -> For our next year venue, the proposal from candidate countries are now under consideration by the IRO committee. We will announce the venue for next IRO in a few weeks on our website in real time. (when we’re decided)


5. Can I know the daily schedule of this year IRO?

  -> After consulting with our national partners, we will post a notice about the daily schedule of IRO in real time. Please visit our website to see our latest notices.


6. Can I ask the committee to reschedule IRO daily schedule because of my scheduling conflict?

  -> As agreed with each our national partner, it is not possible to change the daily schedule. However, If you want to participate 2 events in one day, It's okay but we don't give you any extra time.

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