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1. Is there any regulation when the participants enter(or leave) the competition site?

  -> We use to announce the registration time and entrance time for competition days. You'd better come to the competiton site thirty minutes before the registration time just in case. The organization will announce when you can enter the site exactly.


2. Who is the referee of the competiton? How do they judge?

  -> Only properly trained and authorized from IROC personnel should be a referee. All IRO games except the creativity category and Robot in movie will be judged by them. Creativity category and robot in movie will be judged by IROC professors.


3. Is it possible for parents and mentors to watch the game during the game?

  -> Yes. It’s possible. They can watch the game in the stand we prepared. They can't go into the competition site in any case. 


4. Is it possible to eat in the competiton site?

  -> No. You can't eat anything in the competition site. But you can drink bottled drinks except canned, open cups.


5. During the competiton, can the parents or mentors help the participants?

  -> No, The participants can't talk to anyone in the stand after the game started. The parents and mentors can't help the participants in any ways. (can't give them anything)


6. What should I do if I feel sick or hurt suddenly during the competiton?

  -> There will be a medical kit for first aid treatment in the committee office. Please ask the nearest staff for help.


7. Is the participants able to go to the restroom druing the competition?

  -> Yes, they can go to the restroom during the competition but they have to go with the staff to prevent cheating. 


8. When I am late for the competition, can I participate?

  -> 1) If you participate a tournament game, you can participate the game when you arrive at the competition site before the draw. After the draw, you can't.
 2) If you participate a non-tournament game, you can participate the game when you arrive at the competition site before the mission has been announced.

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