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President of IROC 

Jonghwan Kim

Robots are key technology that represent convergence and connection which are keyword of 4th industrial revolution. In the future robotics technology will lead sports entertainment, educational industries beyond home and factorial industry. IROC will lead robot cultural contents to make everyone enjoy comfortable and delightful life through robots.


We will also foster future human resources. Through hosting of IRO, we will provide opportunities for young people to develop robot development and convergence skills in SW programming.


Instead of education that seeks only knowledge, we will do our best to nurture future human resources that lead the 21st century with critical thinking, teamwork, communication skills and creativity. 


Thank you for your generous interest and support for the development of science and technology, and IROC will continue to do its best to popularize science and technology and nurture future talent.

The Objective of IRO

To promote scientific thinking ability of teenagers

To develop the talent of students interested in the field of robotics

To increase the demands on private robot & to familiarize with robot culture

The goal of IRO

The discovery of a converged future robot technology required by the age of the times

Provide the opportunity to maintain amicable social relationships and to build leadership


IROC Orange

C0 M68 Y100 K0

(Pantone 1665C)


C100 M72 Y0 K32

(Pantone 281C)

IROC Mascot


She is a curious

and warm-hearted robot.

He is outgoing and enthusiastic 

about everything he does.

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